Vtech - 3-in-1 Musical Band

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Product Review

Creativity and education through play are two of the golden aims of parents. But it’s not always easy to combine these and keep it fun. However, there are lots of toys designed to help with this, and many of them are great successes. The VTech 3-in-1 Musical Bandis one such toy.

Key Features Of The 3-In-1 Musical Band

  • Piano, drum and guitar all in one
  • Three styles: jazz, hip-hop and rock
  • Record and play back songs
  • For ages 3 – 7 years

Is The VTech 3-In-1 Musical Band Worth Buying?

The 3-in-1 Musical Band is a nicely designed toy. It’s a great combination of guitar and keyboard with drum thrown in for good measure. Basically, it’s great that kids who play with it have something that resembles a real instrument. It helps to get them interested in the real thing when they’re old enough to try their hands at it.

The toy is also colorful, ensuring that it has an interesting look that grabs a child’s eye. This makes it much more appealing to play with, and helps to maintain interest for longer.

Design aside, the functionality is what really counts. This toy offers three different instruments in one. Firstly, it’s a keyboard. This is the most functional aspect of the toy. Pressing the keys, which are large and easily pressed by even small hands, emits a corresponding musical note. This allows kids to get familiar with the basic workings of a keyboard and create their own tunes.

Folding the keyboard out the toy turns into a guitar. This guitar doesn’t have strings. It simply senses when you child swipes their hand across some sensors. It’s not the most true-to-life way of playing a guitar, and is a bit inaccurate, but for young children it keeps the excitement going and gives them the basic motions that guitar playing requires.

Finally, there’s the drum mode. This works just fine and allows your child to develop their rhythm skills. All combined, these features allow your child to engage in creative play that educates them in some music basics – particularly through the keyboard.

The toy also plays three different songs in three different styles. There’s a jazz song, a hip-hop song and a rock song. These give kids an idea of the musical genres and add some inspiration for their own creativity.

For parents, it’s good to know that a volume control is included. This has three settings, the lowest of which should keep this from getting too annoying if your kids take a real shine to it!

The only major criticism of this toy is the annoying voice that continually encourages kids by saying “great” and “awesome” amongst other things. This is definitely a black mark on the toy, but shouldn’t stop you from buying it. It’s a great little toy that will please your kids no end. It’s really not that expensive, so go ahead and get this.

Product Features

Play three ways - Piano, Drum and Guitar Three Musical styles - Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock Recording feature lets you record and play back your songs Volume control IR sensor recognizes hand movements for a real music experience

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