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Product Review

Rocktivity Music Skool Table Review

Educational toys are a big deal for many parents, and the more kinds of education a toy can cram in the better – so long as it’ll keep your child interested. The Rocktivity Music Skool Table is a toy that tries to do just this, offering a range of educational benefits while being highly entertaining for young ones. But does it manage to live up to this aim? Read on to find out.

Key Features Of The Rocktivity Music Skool Table

  • Music, Learning and Spanish mode,
  • More than 50 tunes, sounds and activities,
  • Musical sounds and lights,
  • For ages 6 months +.

Is The Rocktivity Music Skool Table Worth Buying?

The first things you’ll notice about the Rocktivity Music Skool are its chunky, solid look and bright colors. The design is great for young kids who need something that’s tough and easy for them to grab on to, and the bright colors will be a major help in keeping them interested.

The core of this toy is the educational development it offers, which it achieves through its three modes of play. There is a music mode, a learn mode, and a Spanish mode:

  • In music mode your child can enjoy listening to songs and making their own music.
  • In learn mode, kids are taught colors, shapes, numbers, letters and opposites. The Music Skool has a voice that says these words out loud when your child presses different buttons, helping them to pick up a range of essentials.
  • In Spanish mode, your child will hear the same things as they do in learn mode, except the words will be spoken in Spanish. This is a fantastic way of introducing your child to a second language, helping them to develop a capacity for multilingualism at an earlier age.

In addition to the educational aspects of these modes, the Rocktivity Music Skool also encourages the development of both fine and gross motor skills, as well as a range of other cognitive skills that are essential during the early stages of development.

Criticisms of the toy are minor, but do exist. Firstly, if you have hard wood or laminate floors this toy will slip around all over the place. This isn’t a major problem, but it’s easier for your child to use it if it stays put.

A second issue, which is more bothersome for adults than for kids, is the lack of volume control. There is a mute button, but it’s a shame that you can’t simply turn the volume down until it doesn’t bother you as much, rather than having to turn it off altogether which means your child can’t play with it.

On the whole though, this is a brilliant toy that’s great fun for young kids and really educational. If you’re considering this as a gift, then don’t hesitate for a second. It’ll be a sure fire hit!

Product Features

Sit To Stand Music Skool table, 
4 legs, 
microphone and instructions 
Electronic Sit To Stand Music Skool toy features musical sounds and lights Plays DJ sound effects and teaches opposites 
Features fun pop music you already know and love 
Dozens of tunes, sounds and activities and three different modes help teach music, numbers, letters and Spanish

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