Nerf N-strike Elite Hail-fire Blaster from Nerf

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Product Review

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster Review

If you’ve never heard of Nerf toys then you probably spent the last 15 years living under a rock, because they’ve been one of the most enduring toy brands for a long time now. Basically, Nerf toys fire foam missiles that are harmless but a lot of fun! It’s a safe way for kids to play cowboys / soldiers / space men versus aliens etc! Having missiles that actually strike their target makes play a lot more fun for kids as it brings in accuracy skills and more. So is the Nerf N-Strike Hail-Fire Blaster a toy worth buying? Let’s have a closer look to find out.

Key Features Of The Nerf Elite Hail-Fire Blaster

  • Quick-fire up to 144 darts,
  • Acceleration trigger for semi-automatic blasting,
  • Range of up to 75 feet,
  • For ages 8+.

Is The Nerf Elite Hail-Fire Blaster Worth Buying?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster is a new Nerf toy that aims to top all the previous toys from Nerf. It’s bright and bold colors and chunky styling are as enjoyable as ever, and really make this an appealing toy for kids to pick up and play with.

The real fun starts when you get shooting though. The Hail-Fire Blaster holds up to 144 darts – the largest number of Nerf missiles for one gun ever. Having 144 missiles at their disposal, your kids will be blasting like there’s no tomorrow and absolutely loving it!

Better still, these 144 missiles are held in 8 interchangeable clips that attach to the underside of the gun ready to unleash hell! With the acceleration trigger, things get even more intense as the Hail-Fire Blaster unleashes a storm of missiles at the opponent.

The toy also has a great range, firing up to 75 feet. This means kids can run around outside and really enjoy themselves as they blast each other.

NOTE: There are some downsides to this toy though. Firstly, it doesn’t actually come with all 144 darts and 8 clips. It comes with just 24 darts and 4 clips, meaning that you can’t really get the full enjoyment from this product right out of the box. Not only that, but it means you have to spend extra money to make this as fun as it’s supposed to be (and there’s no doubt kids will be disappointed when they’re told they only have 24 darts – even though the box tells them that it can hold up to 144 in total!).

For young kids this may also be a bit on the bulky side. It’s pretty large and heavy as Nerf toys go, so it could quickly get tiring. And accuracy is also a little low, but this toy emphasizes rapid-firing over accuracy, so that’s not a big deal.

On the whole, whether your kids are already fans of Nerf toys, or are completely new to it, this is a great choice that’ll keep them entertained for many hours whether indoors or outside. Don’t hesitate to buy this product.

Product Features

Hail-Fire blaster holds up to 144 Elite Darts Blaster can hold up to 8 Quick Reload clips
 Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters 
Unique rotating ammo rack gives the Hail-Fire blaster the highest capacity Nerf blaster ever 
Use the Acceleration Trigger for semi-auto blasting
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