Monopoly Dr Who Edition 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition

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Product Review

Monopoly Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Review

Monopoly is one of the most popular games ever made. Being a board game, it’s a perfect choice for anyone wanting to entertain groups and is a family favorite offering superb whole-family entertainment. This particular Monopoly set has been specially designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who. But is it worth buying? Let’s take a closer look.

Key Features Of The Monopoly Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

  • Dr. Who theme
  • 6 collectible Monopoly tokens
  • Deal in iconic episodes of Dr. Who instead of properties

Is Monopoly Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Worth Buying?

Like all Monopoly sets before it, this one has the same basic design. It’s a four-sided board with a number of squares around the edge to move your tokens along, and includes two sets bonus cards as well as the “property” cards and money.

Where this Monopoly set differs is in the thematic elements. Firstly, the graphics on the board itself are unique and represent a number of Dr. Who episodes. This makes it appealing to the eye for any avid Dr. Who fan.

The theme also extends beyond the board design to include the tokens and cards. Rather than the regular tokens, this set features a scarf, a bow tie, a screwdriver, celery, a recorder and an umbrella – all iconic objects from the Dr. Who universe. Meanwhile, the properties have been switched for iconic episodes of Dr. Who to deal in, and the community chest cards are now labelled U.N.I.T. Train stations have also been switched and are now various iterations of the Tardis!

In all, there are 22 episodes of Dr. Who referenced in this game. That makes this a brilliant choice for any Dr. Who aficionado who will delight in the range of references from across the history of the series. However, it’s not a completely rosy picture.

The tokens in this set might be collectible, but they’re of a very low quality material. Many users report a token breaking or even arriving broken with the set. This is one reason to be disappointed. The board itself is also of a lower quality than a standard Monopoly board.

In addition the design of the pieces means they are a little tough to spot on the board at times. That’s because they’re fairly low-lying in shape, so they don’t stick up from the board as much as the traditional pieces. It’s also annoying to find that houses and hotels remain exactly the same – these don’t really feel like they belong in the Dr. Who universe.

All else aside, this set is going to please any serious Dr. Who fan or collector. Its slew of references will keep players more than happy despite the sets shortcomings. For those not interested in Dr. Who, a standard set will offer better quality components. But otherwise this set can be recommended for Dr. Who fans who are also partial to the occasional game of Monopoly!

Product Features

A BBC production since 1963, Doctor Who is the most successful and longest running science-fiction series 
Includes 6 collectible tokens, including scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder and umbrella 
Players buy, sell and trade iconic episodes from the Doctor Who series