Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp by Lalaloopsy

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Product Review

Coolest Kids Toys are proud to offer the excellent Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp.

Lalaloopsy dolls have been popular for some time now. They’re a rag-doll style toy with a cute appearance that’s great for doll lovers. This Lalaloopsy is a bit different from the others though, as it can sing and dance as well as flop around in the usual rag-doll way. That makes it quite unique, but also means it’s fairly expensive as dolls go. So is it worth spending that extra money on? Read on for an answer.

Key Features Of The Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp

  * Sings and dances,
  * Six different hairstyles,
  * For ages 4 – 15.

Is The Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Worth Buying?

Lalaloopsy is one of those toys that kids just can’t help loving. Some adults can’t even resist! They’re so cute and loveable in their rag-doll style, and have that comforting nostalgic feel about them. This Lalaloopsy toy is a bit different from the others though – it can sing and dance!

There are several songs that this Lalaloopsy can sing, each of which sounds really different and will entertain your child. She can sing whether or not she is attached to her stand, but if you want her to dance then she’ll need to be attached to the stand to move.

The dancing happens through her head and arms, and she also shakes her waits which makes her legs wobble around in a cute way. While she sings and dances, her pigtails also spin.

The cool thing about this Lalaloopsy is that she has six different hairstyles, each of which makes her sing a different song. Just switch the style, which is easy to do, and you can listen to a different tune as she dances. Lalaloopsy talks a lot as well as sings, and sometimes she’ll even request that you put a specific hairstyle on her so that she can sing the song that goes with it. That makes her even cuter, and gives a more interactive feel for kids as they play.

There are some downsides to this doll. Firstly, she costs quite a lot. That might be enough to put some people off. Also, because the hairstyles are what dictates the songs she can sing, losing one of the hairstyles will also mean losing one of the songs.

If the cost doesn’t put you off though, and your child doesn’t lose things too much, this is a really great doll that’s cute and fun. Plus, the batteries are included! Any child who receives this doll will have a big smile on their face.

Product Features

Articulated head, arms, and legs with pigtails that spin around as she sings & dances 
Magical fun! 
She sings and dances! 
Six hairstyles play different songs! 
Kitty rattles! 
Rare and collectible!
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