Gift Ideas For All Ages

Finding Age Appropriate Hot Toys

On the prowl for baby shower gift ideas; birthday gift ideas for a beloved nephew or niece or even your own child? Choosing way ahead of time before an occasion like the child's birthday can lead to the coolest buys.

Among the best toys are those which are not only age appropriate for the children they will be given to, but are also safe, non-toxic, and aid in learning.

Early Developmental Toys

For children who are a little over a year old, hot toys include well-made push or pull-along toys with a popping or melodious sound when in motion. There are clear advantages when shopping online and choosing toy makers with a commitment to promoting healthy child development and coming out with non-toxic, eco-friendly kiddie gift ideas.

Other examples of nice toys for young children in the exploratory and early developmental stage are colorful blocks and shape sorters that develop children's hand & eye coordination. Such gift ideas are suitable for children in between the ages of one-and-a-half years and three years.

At the age of two to three years, some children tend to exhibit a sense of ownership for their toys, but may enjoy playing with them a sibling or playmate. Shopping online will reveal lots of unique or innovative toy finds, including quality brands of toys and games that teach children about shapes, figures and basic concepts.

Toy Manufacturers & Hot Toys

What's great about finding hot toys from leading manufacturers & retail stores online is that they are not only modern and kid-friendly but also have high educational value. Apart from kiddie shape sorters & blocks, there are puzzles depicting well-loved Disney characters, and cuddly bears or plush toys that talk or belt out a tune when pressed.

Have you seen the vast collection of Disney's Frozen Toys?

Anything "Frozen" is a huge wish for kids this year!

Ages 3 - 4

Between the ages of three to four years, most children display a penchant for imitating elders or identifying with a person of the same sex. Little girls often love playing with dolls and doll accessories like a stroll-along walker. Even simple toys like doll strollers can be very riveting for a child who is just beginning to walk and understand basic concepts - if there are extra features like music, roller bar, flipbook and blinking lights.

Stuffed toys, Barbie dolls and other handy or lightweight but high quality gift ideas like a doll's stroller with sturdy components, attractive pastel colors, and safe, contoured edges plus added features like musical tunes, can offer delight. Just be sure that there are no small parts in the toy that can make a child choke when loosened and accidentally swallowed.

Ages 5 And Up

For kids aged five and up, opt for toys and games that spark the imagination and further improve motor development. Young kids can get the physical conditioning pedaling a cool, easy-to-assemble trike with easy-grip handlebars, durable tires that grip the ground, and slip-resistant pedals.

Among the fun and hot toys that can be discovered when shopping online are indoor remote controlled toys. Kids can bond with their dad while playing with RC toys. Meantime, girls aged six years and up, can enhance creative or visual thinking while tinkering with toys like a Melissa and Doug dollhouse. Boys can also develop their creativity and lateral thinking, and learn to be adroit with toys such as a Lego adventure camping set.