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Furby Toys

The Furby Review

Many parents will probably remember when the original Furby was released in 1998. It was a smash hit back then, and it looks to be a smash hit again this time around with pre-orders high and many places selling out completely. So what makes this toy so popular, and is it worth buying for your child? Keep reading for an answer.

Key Features Of The Furby

  • Each Furby is full of personality,
  • LED eyes express Furby’s emotions,
  • Learns English,
  • For ages 6 months – 8 years.

Is The Furby Worth Buying?

It’s been 14 years, but the Furby is finally back, and with vengeance. This new Furby looks like it’s going to take the toy world by storm and become an even bigger phenomenon than the first time around. Furbies are cute, furry little creatures that move, talk and even sing. Not only that, but they interact with children directly in a variety of ways. Their semi-autonomous behaviour is really appealing to kids, who can imagine that Furby is a real creature that has a mind of its own.

The key feature of this new Furby are the personalities. There are a whole range of personalities that each Furby can have, and how your child treats their Furby decides what kind of personality it gets. If your child strokes it a lot, then it’ll get more cuddly, but if your child feeds it all the time it’ll get big and tough.

The personalities of the Furbies are expressed in movements, in what the Furby says and also through the LED eyes. The eyes are the most obvious change from the original Furby, and they really do add a lot to the toy. They allow it to show so many more emotions that the old one was capable of, and make it much more fun to interact with.

This is a good thing, because interaction is the key idea behind the Furby. Furbies can interact with each other, but can also interact with their owners. The more you speak to your Furby, the more English it’ll learn. It’ll stop speaking its own language of Furbish so much, and become easier for your child to understand.

For users of Apple products like the iPhone, there’s a free app that goes with the Furby which adds to the ways you can interact with it. It’s possible to feed it through the app, making it special sandwiches and more.

There are a couple of minor issues with the Furby. Firstly, it’s got no volume control. This can get annoying, as there is no off switch on a Furby! The only way to shut it up is to leave it somewhere dark and let it “fall asleep”. Once asleep the only way to wake it is by tilting it, so it won’t make any more noise until you want it to.

For Android users it’s also annoying that the Furby doesn’t have an Android application that does the same things as the app for Apple products.

Aside from these things though, the Furby is a fun, if expensive, toy. Kids are certain to have a good time with it, and it’ll likely keep them occupied for quite a long time.