Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse Review

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Product Review

The dollhouse is a perennial bestselling toy, and is an iconic piece of childhood. It’s no surprise then that it keeps on getting reinvented, with new dollhouses coming out every year. Even in this digital era, there’s nothing quite like a real dollhouse to entertain your children. But what does the My First Dollhouse from Fisher-Price offer, and does it make it worth buying? Let’s take a closer look.

Key Features Of The Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

  • Chunky easy-hold pieces
  • Wide open rooms for young hands
  • Sweet styling

Is The Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse Worth Buying?

The first thing you notice about the My First Dollhouse is its styling. It’s really cute, with a chunky and colorful build. This makes it appealing to young children who find the big and bold more of a draw than anything too delicate or refined.

The house itself is well thought out. It has a total of five rooms, which includes a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a nursery and a parent’s bedroom. These make up a great stage in which pretty much all the core aspects of family life can be played out.

The rooms have been designed with little people in mind (not the dolls, the children!), which is why they’re so open and wide. The space makes it easier for young children who are still getting to grips with moving their hands precisely to play with the toy.

This dollhouse also comes with the all-important dolls. In this case, it’s three dolls: mommy, daddy and baby. This forms a basic family unit for your child to play out family stories with. The dolls are big and chunky which not only makes them attractive to young eyes but also easier to handle and less likely to break.

For those thinking into the future when buying this toy, it’s also worth mentioning that there are expansion sets to go with it. Two notable examples are the Grandma & Stroller and the big sister. The Big Sister comes with a whole extra room that actually includes a bed – a piece of furniture that’s actually missing from the original house which is somewhat surprising given that there’s already a bedroom for the parents.

Truthfully, this toy is somewhat light on accessories. There’s relatively few pieces of furniture included. If you want a fully furnished house you’ll have to make some extra purchases. However, the point is really that the toy doesn’t need these things to be fun, and it makes less of a mess when your child plays. It also means there’s less for your child to lose.

This dollhouse does require some assembly, but it’s very easy to do. It’s also an extremely durable build, easily able to handle the sort of rough and tumble an adventurous young child might put it through. Over all that makes this a brilliant toy that comes at a very reasonable price for this kind of product. If you’re considering this toy then there’s no reason not to buy it. It’s a fantastic dollhouse sure to please youngsters.

Manufacturer Description

Introduce the fun of dollhouse perform with a home that is just right for even the littlest women. My Very first Dollhouse attributes five rooms: Kitchen area, Residing room, Toilet, mothers and fathers bed room and nursery. There is also further perform place with a balcony, patio and an extended residing room location. With chunky, straightforward-to-maintain figures, sweet components and heaps of room, there is a entire world of imaginative, nurturing perform in store! Contains mother, dad and little one figures, kitchen area device with opening fridge and oven doors, rest room, desk and two chairs. For ages 2-five.
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