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Product Review

We are happy to present the famous Fijit Friends Serafina Interactive Toy.

With so many on offer right now, it is wise to have a brand you can recognise. The Fijit Friends Serafina Interactive Toy is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase.

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Manufacturer Description

Mattel Fijit Close friends Serafina Interactive Toy

Mattel Fijit Close friends Serafina Interactive Toy has beat sensors that enable physical and psychological response to distinct music sorts. She bounces, wiggles and turns her head and body. Serafina's comfortable pores and skin makes her huggable. Just poke her belly for distinct reactions and observe her LED encounter and eyes light-weight up.

Why You'll Love It: As she nods to rest at night, her belly glows like a night lamp. .

Age: 6 many years and up


  • Tough plastic head
  • Detachable ears
  • Comfortable and tactile pores and skin
  • Voice recognition
  • Acknowledges 30 voice commands and above one hundred fifty built-in phrases and jokes
  • Beat detection capabilities
  • Unique tunes
  • Detects and responds to a variety of media platforms, like cell applications, webisodes, television commercials, and a lot more

Contains: Recommendations

Necessary Batteries: five AA batteries


Overview: Serafina, a smart, exciting, and funny Fijit Good friend, is an interactive toy that'll turn out to be your child's new very best pal. With supple pores and skin that permits incredible movement, this sweet pink Fijit Good friend has many interactive attributes, like voice recognition, beat detection, dance method, and above one hundred fifty built-in responses. Suggested for ages 6 and up, Serafina will be a quickly and lasting pal that chats, dances, jokes, and performs.

Fijit Friend Logo
The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Good friend

At a Look:

Age: 6 many years and up

Requirements: five AA batteries

* Colors and decorations could fluctuate.
Fijit Friend At a Glance
The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Good friend

Serafina The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend
Serafina The Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend

Fulfill Serafina, the Sweetie-Pie Fijit Good friend
Serafina has the greatest heart and only desires to make you satisfied. She likes all issues girly, and when she plays online games, she desires everybody to acquire. Like all Fijit Close friends, Serafina was produced when a gooey science experiment was brought to daily life by the electrical power of music. She enjoys to laugh until finally her sides harm, dance until finally she's dizzy, and be herself with her one real bestie.

The Fijit Close friends Interactive Toy Collection is made up of 4 distinct Fijit Close friends (marketed independently), each with their very own distinct personalities and jokes.

Comfortable, Tactile Skin Allows Lifelike Movements
This Fijit Good friend is produced with a tough plastic head, cute removable ears, and a squishy shell that's a delight to touch. Poke her belly to prompt amazing actions and exciting surprises.

Your new friend's body and head will change, bounce, and wiggle. Even her LED encounter and eyes will light-weight up in reaction to stimuli. With exclusive actions and a huggable kind, she'll make a interesting new BFF.

Look at as Your Fijit Good friend Dances to the Beat
Play your very own music and observe this Fijit Good friend boogie in dance method. Beat Sensors enable physical and psychological reactions to distinct variations of music--from slow ballads to lively pop tracks. Dance together as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She'll even complete her very own unique tunes.

Responds to Your Voice with Phrases, Jokes, and Far more
Keen to chat and make you laugh, this Fijit Good friend attributes voice recognition, allowing her to determine above 30 voice commands and answer with a lot more than one hundred fifty built-in phrases and jokes. When it truly is time for mattress, wish your Fijit Good friend a goodnight. Her belly will glow like a nightlight as she nods to rest.

This Fijit Good friend can also detect and answer to a variety of media platforms, like cell applications, webisodes, television commercials, and a lot more.

What is in the Box
Serafina Fijit Good friend, 5 AA "Try-Me" batteries, and recommendations.

Fijit Friends Logo Fulfill the Fijit Close friends Fijit Friends Logo
Willa The Trend-Setting Fijit Friend
The Craze-Setting Fijit Good friend
Logan The Sporty Fijit Friend
The Sporty Fijit Good friend
Sage The Adventurous Fijit Friend
The Adventurous Fijit Good friend


Product Features

Girls can poke and squeeze Fijit?s soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements and fun surprises Fijit can respond more than 100 built-in phrases and jokes! Recognizes different types of music and perform different dance moves Features voice recognition, beat detection capabilities, and includes her own original songs too! The 5 AA batteries included (the "try me" batteries) inside your Fijit Friend upon opening are for demonstration purposes only. Please remove these batteries and replace with 5 new AA batteries so your Fijit Friend is ready to interact with you at optimal performance.
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