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Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome Set Review

Just below you'll find my Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome Review, but be sure to check out the incredible prices at Amazon for yourself.

Who Would Buy This: I was unlucky enough to not grow up with BeyBlade when I was a kid and I'm totally jealous of modern kids who get to play with BeyBlade toys, such as the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome.

Things we like about the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome:

Keep reading to see exactly why Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is tipped to be a number one favorite with kids worldwide.

Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome - Mid Air Battle Royale!

The great thing about the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is that it incorporates the BeyBlade discs into a battle arena, where mid-air collisions and battle is carried out. The Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is very simple to use, with there being two holes at the top of the Dome - simply attach your battle disc to the launcher, start the countdown and launch into battle, with the victor being the last one to the bottom of the dome. The battle wheels are massively customizable, with hundreds of variations available, allowing you to fight your friends and create a huge tournament battle royale with the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome. The original performance tops are combined with a wheel to launch into the Dome.

Things we did not like about the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome

There's no doubting that the BeyBlade range of toys are a great addition to any toy collection, but are there any negatives to be aware of?

Short Lived Battles

I must admit, I was a little surprised at how short the battles can last - the time taken from inception into the top of the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome, to the wheels landing at the bottom and thus ending the battle can be a matter of a few seconds. The duration is all dependent on whether there is collision during the battle or not. If not, the length of the battle is only determined by the type of track used (gripped or smooth), the angle that the wheel enters the Dome and the strength used in the launch process. With all this in mind, it doesn't take away the fact that the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is an excellent addition to the BeyBlade range and will provide fun for a long time to come.

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Is the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome Worth the Money?

I would definitely say so, yes. It's a must-have toy for any BeyBlade fan and the price tag is something to lose sleep over.

Where Can I Buy the Hasbro's BeyBlade Destroyer Dome?

Shoot on over to Amazon to grab the best price on the internet.

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Product Features

  • Battle it out between your Spiral Fox and Cyclone Herculeo tops in the Destroyer Dome arena
  • Customize your 5-piece tops with the dome spin Tracks
  • 2 exclusive tops and Dome Spin Tracks
  • Includes everything you need for battle

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