Barbie Photo Fashion Doll by Mattel

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Product Review

Product Review - Barbie Photo Fashion Review


This Barbie Photo Fashion Review is based on the toy currently available at

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How Much:

The List Price is in the $40 - $50 range, but is on sale right now at an incredible price!

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Who Would Buy This:

The Barbie Photo Fashion is a must have for any Barbie fan! If your daughter isn't screaming for the next best Barbie toy, then she definitely will be soon!

Things we like about the Barbie Photo Fashion:

It's important that you're aware of all the great features of any product before purchasing it, so I've included any major features that you should be looking out for when buying something like the Barbie Photo Fashion…

It's All About The Camera!

If you haven't already guessed, the Barbie Photo Fashion doll is all about the camera. Dress Barbie up in some glam outfits and snap her style with the small camera that's included with the doll. If you want your daughter to lose hours of time having fun then the Barbie Photo Fashion is perfect... most young girls get extremely excited at the thought of dressing up and pretending to be on the catwalk, so why not let them do just that with the Barbie Photo Fashion?

Things we did not like about the Barbie Photo Fashion:

What's not to like? Barbie is Barbie and everyone knows what an incredibly popular product Barbie is, so why would there be anything to dislike about the Barbie Photo Fashion?

Barbie Photo Fashion - Lack of Clothing?

I must admit, this is a relatively weak argument, but it would be nice to see a slightly larger range of clothing and accessories to use with the Barbie Photo Fashion - I'm not sure you can either buy any separate products to use to make the whole fashion shoot experience any better though. It's worth noting though, that it has been mentioned that other clothes in the Barbie range do in fact fit this Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, despite them not being specifically made for this doll in particular.


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Is the Barbie Photo Fashion Worth the Money?

I only recommend a product that I would buy myself, and the Barbie Photo Fashion definitely falls into this category. At such a low price, the value is excellent considering how long your daughter will be playing with the Barbie Photo Fashion for.

Where Can I Buy the Barbie Photo Fashion?

My research showed that the best price, delivery and shopping experience came from

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Product Features

  • Barbie is a real working digital camera!
  • Take photos from Barbie dolls point-of-view
  • Pictures are displayed immediately on Barbies shirt
  • Stores over 100 photos
  • Includes Barbie doll with embedded digital camera and LCD screen, stand, USB cable, rechargeable battery and instructions

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